Dark Artwork and Inspiration

General / 27 August 2019

I get a decent amount of questions on a daily basis regarding where my source of inspiration comes from. My dark artwork comes from a lot of places, really. Mainly it's my way of expressing my deepest emotions on a canvas, however vague that might sound.

My creepy art is a manifestation of my anxiety and place in this wicked world. And I do sincerely believe that this world we live in is wicked. Full of terror and evil. But obviously I'm inspired by art as well. Like many of us. When I began painting I was obsessed with Francis Bacon, one of the founding fathers of dark art in a modern context. He was truly a master at his craft and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about some of his work.

I wouldn't necessarily say that my work is that similar to Bacon, even though there are some similarities. I love the way he used to distort faces and make them appear in a sort of dream-like state. Dark artwork at its best, no doubt about that.

Modern Dark Surreal Artists

Of course, there are plenty of contemporary artists that I admire. Henrik Uldalen is a great painter from Norway. He manages to blend abstract expressionism and realism in a great way. I'm very much inspired by his style when it comes to render a part of the image and leave other parts "unfinished" with very few brush strokes.

Ken Currie is a big inspiration as well. A Scottish artist that creates really haunting portraits. His self-portraits are among my favorites, and they truly make me feel uncomfortable. Especially the one called Gallowgate Lard. One of my favorite paintings of all time.

When it comes to dark artwork I have to mention Laurie Lipton. An artist that only works with pencils to create the most beautiful and weird black and white paintings. There is also something to be said about the scale of her artwork. I just can't imagine how much time it must take to complete a single painting. Defiantly check her up if you're interested in dark artwork.

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