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General / 14 October 2019

I’ve been selling art prints online now for some time. I started out on Society6 about a year ago. I sold a bit, but the revenue wasn’t that great.

Since I’ve started selling art prints here on Artstation things have improved. I can more easily control how much money I get per sold piece. I don’t sell as often as I did before, but the amount I get paid is better.

Who are Art Prints For?

Well. I’m not a rich person by any means. Which means that I don’t spend a whole lot of money on art. Don’t get me wrong. As an artist, I’d love to collect paintings from other people. But art costs money – it’s as simple as that.

Prints are an easy way to collect art if you’re on a budget. Art prints come in all different kinds. There are cheap ones and really well-made ones. In my experience, the prints I sell here on the site through Artstation have a really high quality to them. I really like the fabric of the paper, as well as the color. The prints really come to life because of the high quality of the paper.

More Art Prints to Come

I’m right in the middle of a process to transfer my oil paintings to prints. This means I have to photograph my paintings in good lighting with a decent DSLR camera. A task easier said than done. I’m very picky with the quality, and I always make adjustments in Photoshop to ensure that they look as good as possible. 

I have a few prints available that are photographs of my oil paintings. But you can expect a lot more in the near future. Check out my print section!