CD Covers & Update on my Original Prints

General / 29 March 2019

It can be rather difficult to find ways to pay the bills as an artist. I'm trying my very best to sell prints, but it's not going fantastic at the moment, I gotta tell you. People just aren't willing to pay for art nowadays.

The thing I'm leaning towards now is producing CD covers and movie posters. It's a decent source of income and doesn't take that much effort depending on what you're creating.

And there defiantly is something to the whole thing of having your art printed on a CD that's insanely appealing to me on a personal level.

I will still post new art here on the site, but the last week I've been rather busy painting covers and movie posters.

Very Soon I'll Start Selling Original Prints

I also wanted to address a thing that I announced a while back – that I soon will start selling so-called "original prints" over at a german gallery. These will be limited to around eight prints in total – and obviously the pricing will be higher than usual. We are currently discussing the price of these, and I'll give you an update as soon as I can. 

But this is a great opportunity if you want something a bit more unique since only eight pieces of a painting will be sold and printed.