Why Dark Art?

General / 25 July 2019

I honestly can't tell you why I am drawn to so-called dark art, or creepy art. It is just something that resonates deeply with me. I do care about realism to a certain extent, but what I try to do when I paint these creepy paintings is to capture some sort of dream state. A morbid and surreal place, mixed with a hint of realism.

Expression Through Dark Art

Dark Art for me is a form of expression that really makes me happy. I get to release all sorts of emotions through my paintings. Most of the time I'm a pretty happy guy, but just like everybody else, I do feel down from time to time. But I'm not some sort of crazy person or psychopath as some people may think when they see my art. The creation of dark art is just my voice, my way of seeing the world around me.

Some people get angry, violent even, when they can't fully express themselves. Me? I just paint my emotions on a canvas. Painting for me is in ways an act of violence where I can completely let myself go. Most of the time it works.

Creepy Art Isn't for Everyone

Creepy and dark art just isn't a thing that suits everyone. Like all art. But I do believe that you need a hint of darkness within yourself to truly appreciate dark paintings. If you've never been through any hardship it might not affect you in the same way. Some of my favorite dark artists like Nicola Samori and Ken Currie really capture the human condition, with all its anxieties and darkness in the best possible manner. And Since I've "been through" some stuff in my life I can really connect to their work on a deeper level.

I Will Continue to Produce Dark Art

Even though I'm beginning to work more and more with realism as of late I will always be drawn to violent art. It's such a big part of who I am as both an artist and a person. Visit my shop today if you'd like to buy some dark art prints, or contact me directly for original artwork.