Painting With Oils Can be a Real Bitch

General / 05 May 2019

So. I've been painting digitally for almost two years now. Give or take. It's a medium that I've grown used to – and I'm constantly getting better at it. I think. It's just quite recently that I started to use oils as well. 

I thought that it would be easy to convert my digital skills to the analog. But boy, was I wrong. Everything takes so much more time, and I'm having lots of issues with the values and getting shapes together.

I also don't think my way of working translates very well to oils. The way I distort the image and add different layers of texture isn't exactly something that can easily be achieved with oils. Not in the same way anyway.

But hey, I find it fun at least. I get to experiment. Also doing more abstract stuff, which is kind of fun. I will defiantly keep grinding it.